Our quality services

RUGI Industrieservice offers you

Reworkservice through control, sorting and reworking work

Industrial service with work preparation, organisation, supervision, assembly/disassembly work, complaints handling

Outsourcing / logistics through transport, storage, processing at our site, commissioning and contract packing

Service means seeing the whole business through the eyes of the customer.

Axel Haitzer


If components of different origins are combined in the production process, weak points can arise. If supplied components are faulty, these problems can lead to delivery bottlenecks or a production standstill, with the consequence of a very high cost factor for the company concerned.

Sorting work - allocation, sorting, completeness, marking, troubleshooting

Allocations and sorting - even of large quantities - are carried out according to specifications. In addition, we offer various options for the required labelling and reporting.

Rework - Machining, Repair, Adjustment 

It is often more economical to adjust faulty parts to the desired quality by reworking.

According to your instructions, we rework the affected stocks, e.g.:

Thread cutting, deburring, gluing, adjusting, shape cutting, grinding, cleaning, etc.

The necessary tools are either provided by us or by the client.

Industrial service / assembly - customer care

Complaints processing
On behalf of our customers, we take over the entire complaint handling process. This includes, among other things, exact research into the complaint process, neutral appraisal, determination of the cause, contacting all parties involved in the process, joint clarification and problem solving.

Work preparation, assembly, disassembly work

We organise and coordinate various projects for you on site. We support you in the preparatory assembly and disassembly of production units, manufacturing modules, machines, etc.

Outsourcing / Logistics

Transport, storage

Implementation and monitoring of customer-specific express, special, courier and transport services (just in time). We offer Europe-wide warehouse logistics with reliable partners at important industrial locations.

Processing in our location

If you do not have the necessary space in the company, we carry out the machining in our own hall at our location, such as drilling, grinding, deburring, etc.

Of course, we also offer collection and delivery with our own vehicles.

Order picking, contract packing

Any commissioning and contract packing of the goods that you require can be carried out flexibly in terms of time and independently of location.